A blog site to share my trip towards becoming the quiltsmith I want to become.

Quilt Canada 2010

This has been a terrific, inspiring week at Quilt Canada 2010 in Calgary AB. Starting Monday with Mark Lipinski’s humorous,  irreverent, naughty,  hilarious trunk show and story telling evening. The National Juried show was awesome, the best ever! I volunteered two days of de-mystifying Digital Magic class with Lily Lam, a wonderful artist who encouraged us all to play with technology and unleash creativity. Mosaic, montages and all kinds of art are possible using freely available software, check out the following:



The hospitality of my lovely daughter, Marianne; and the company of two grandsons who are home from school with colds,  has all made for a delightful week. Thanks Marianne, Charley, Ben and Max. Marianne and I have an evening lecture tonight, and four lectures tomorrow, before I return home to get quilting, quilting, quilting; this week has motivated and inspired me. I have pictures galore to show everyone, and maybe will be , successful in bringing home some of the challenge quilts I have bid on to bring home to show you and decorate the new studio, that I will soon complete at home for my new long arm machine. Thanks also to Bill for looking after the taxes so I could get away for the week!

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