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Autumn is on the doorstep

I can’t believe it is mid September! I am breaking in the new hip I had installed in July and just back to driving my car again this week; and I was able to drive to the first SPQ (Sherwood Park) Guild meeting last Thursday. I got re-enthused for all my quilting project and can hardly wait for my new Millenium long arm to start quilting up a storm.

Since my last post, I attended Western Retreat at Sylvan Lake and Big Sky Retreat at Olds in June, so was able to work on some quilts the have been long in the making. I took a thread painting class from Shirley Paterson, and a Jacket class from Linda Beattie.

I have a ton of pictures to share and new techniques I learned; so I will start sharing them with you on this blog over the next few months; if I can tear myself away from my new Millenium. What shall I call this new treasure?

Send me your ideas!

Comments on: "Autumn is on the doorstep" (2)

  1. Marianne Wiltse said:

    How about ‘Milieu’? According to Miriam Webster:
    \mēl-ˈyə(r), -ˈyü, -ˈyœ; ˈmēl-ˌyü\
    plural milieus or mi·lieux\-ˈyə(r)(z), -ˈyüz, -ˈyœ(z); -ˌyü(z)\
    Definition of MILIEU
    : the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops : environment

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