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GRDEN AT THE CABIN detailsI am adding embellishment to Garden at the Cabin to enter it in a challenge October 1. I am adding dimensional centers to flowers. I have done some with hand dyed silk cucoons and some just felted balls. The cucoons effect looks to me to be a bit much, bells within bells. Tell me which you think is better, or some of each for variety. the left is with the cucoons, the right is just felted balls in the bluebells.

Comments on: "Garden at the Cabin progressing" (9)

  1. Hi Joan!

    Love your Quilt!! I like the embellishments that you are doing. I like the felted balls in the bells. However I really like the silk cocoons.

    A suggestion could be, use the felted balls in the bells, and the silk cocoons along the stems and use them as flower buds. (that is what the cocoons kind of remind me of)

    I really like the colors that you have done and can not wait to see this in person…hope you bring it to guild 😉


  2. Hi Joan!
    When I first looked at the quilt, I prefered the smaller blue balls on the right.

    I came back a few minutes later, and as I walked towards the computer, the cocoons on the left were my preference. So I’m thinking, once the quilt is finished, and displayed, that the cocoons may show better with that little flash of another color in there.

    I’m excited to see your quilt with all the embellishments!


  3. Joan,
    I like the left side ones….the silk cacoons but more work, right?

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