A blog site to share my trip towards becoming the quiltsmith I want to become.

Edmonton & District Guild members were challenged by the Endowment committee to express ourselves by creating a “Mojo ” doll to donate to a silent auction to be held at the year-end banquet to benefit the endowment fund for undergraduate scholarship in human ecology.

Here are the dolls I created to contribute:

“LarMojo Dollsry, Curly & Moe – Jo”; these knuckleheaded masters of mirth, merriment and mayhem, will soitenly bring their numbskull magnetic personalities, & all for one, one for all, colorful shtick together –  philosophy to your quilting studio. NYUK, NYUK, NYUK. 

I have been doing some quilting and providing longarm quilting service:

Quilting on Milieu, my APQS millenium longarm; at my studio space located in the inspiring:

Sparrow Studioz ~ Quilting & Gallery

9532 87 St. Edmonton, ABCustomer Quilt

Customer Quilts:Customer Quilt

Customer comfort quilts

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