A blog site to share my trip towards becoming the quiltsmith I want to become.

Quilting Prices and Services

Joan E. Smith, QuiltSmith

Quilting Prices and Services

Price varies with complexity and scale of design.

To estimate cost, multiply length X width = total square inches, by  cost per square inch; minimum charge $50.00.

  • Edge to Edge – Freehand Design
    $0.017 – $0.025 per sq. in.; large scale to small scale, all over meander or design.
  • Edge to Edge – With separate Borders $0.0275 per sq. in.
  • Simple Custom Blocks $0.0275 – $0.0325 per sq. in.
  • Custom Blocks with Ditchwork $0.0325 – $0.04 per sq. in.
  • Heirloom Quilting or Custom Designs
    $0.04 per sq. inch +. echo  quilting, stencil or ruler work, complex pantograph, stitch in the ditch, outlining, cross-hatching, micro stipple.

Thread Charge – $5 minimum each color;

Batting: Hobbs 80/20 Batting – market price; Tuscany wool & 50/50 soy/cotton also available.
Turning Quilt – $25/up to 2 turns
Rush Charge – $40

Additional services @ $30.00/hour, including binding and label


Additional charge of $30.00/ hour may apply for preparation service (including piecing back, adding borders, trimming threads, repairing seams, squaring backing, pressing top and backing, if needed [light pressing from shipping is free], trimming excess edge for binding after quilted, etc.) 

Pressing before quilting $15

Squaring Quilt  $15

Squaring Backing  $10

Design Consultation: 15 minutes free, $20.00 per 1/2 hour.*quilting prices are estimates ONLY and do not include shipping.

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  1. Evelyne said:

    Gorgeous website! Keep me posted. I soitenly enjoy your humour. And your work. And your guidance! You are a lovely new friend.

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