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Breaking News: Quilt of Valour appliqué pattern now available

Q of V Appliqué Pattern

Q of V Appliqué Pattern

Pattern and instructions are now available for the appliqué maple leaves on the quilt completed by the Longarm quilters of Sparrow Studioz for Creative Stitches Quilts of Valour Bernina Challenge in September 2012. This quilt appeared on the cover of The Country Register, November/December 2012 issue; and in response to quilters who want to make a quilt of valour of their own like this for a veteran, I have published the pattern. This pattern includes full size templates of the appliqué design & instructions, including appliqué instructions the method used and references to the source of the original overall design of the quilt. Pattern price is $18.00, a portion of the proceeds from each sold will go to QoV Canada Society in support of the work they do providing quilts to wounded Canadian veterans no extra charge for sassy comments. Register on this site to receive pattern updates, when posted.

May, I show you?

First,my two art quilts, Night Falls and Spring Dawns, that were displayed April 27 to May 3 at Gallery 501 in the Community Center in Sherwood Park. Second, the comfort quilt that I just completed longarm quilting for a Guild member.  

Making Progress

First of my own quilts longarmed!

This quilt has been everywhere, man! It started with blocks from Big Sky at Olds, got its togetherness at Capilano Crazy Quilters, with assistance of Liz Curtis & Barbara Few, it went to the museum on the hand quilting frame for a little hand quilting at Christmas with Matt Sparrow’s help; then attended the Grand Opening Sparrow Studioz Quilting & Gallery in February where many who attended tried long arm quilting on it; and finally finished this week! Thanks to Hands of Mother Earth for

First Comfort Quilt Long armed

providing the motivation for me to git it done! The second quilt is one of two string quilts made by SPQG members that I practiced longarm quilting for the Charity Comfort Quilts program.

April Fools

A great April Fools facebook posting by fellow quilter R.D. saying she’s fed up, quiting quilting forever … done; and all her friends can come

Anaka's birthday party bracelet class

Jacqueline's trunk show 'Circle of Life'

Beading classes

My Progress 'Circle of Life'

and get her fabric, free to anyone who can carry it! Like that’s ever gonna happen!
April 1 brings the alert of quilt shows to attend, and enter; quilts that need finishing ….. classes to attend and teach; class samples to complete. It has been a month since my last post, and what a busy month, capped by SPQGuild Retreat; then a fabulous class in Drayton Valley with quilt designer Jacqueline de Jonge
I started her Circle of Life pattern and learned so much technique and process but only completed 10% of the project. That will make a great ongoing work to report the progress in my blog if I get time to write about it. Maybe just pictures instead. March was a whirl wind of events, kicked off with Anaka’s birthday party beading project, bracelet design by Anaka herself. Then 5 days of longarm classes at the Studioz with the famous wild woman of quilting, Sue Patton. Fit in a class on Board Leadership – Making Time Count; taught classes and started designing my own blocks.

Thirteen months ago

Sparkling Swirls bracelet beading classI can not believe the change in my life over the past thirteen months; when I took voluntary exit from Alberta Health I was planning a home studio, and recovering from g.b. surgery. I did not anticipate another hip replacement in July, or many of the events that have changed my direction. My studio is set up at Sparrow Studioz, and I am starting to long arm quilt, when I have time between being Gallery curator and teaching classes at the Studioz.  


February, a new beginning

Yes, a new beginning and a first for the fibre arts and quilting community in this part of the world. A couple of months ago I was invited to curate a new Fibre Art and Quilting Gallery in the space where I operate my long arm machine. A young couple, Matt and Bradie Sparrow started this innovative business to fullfil a need for quilters to finish quilts, enjoy them and profit from their work. While quilt shops sell fabric and quilting supplies, Sparrow Studioz and Gallery offer services and goods to complete quilting and fibre arts projects. Providing not only long arm quilting service, the Studioz has long arm rental machines for those who want to do quilting themselves, machine sales and service, as well as renting space for longarmers to operate their machines, and space for classes in every aspect of quilt finishing,  from piecing to longarming and embellishing the finished quilt. What a great concept.

It is a wonderful feeling to be involved with the sucessful opening of such a unique venture.

After a short trip to Calgary at the beginning of January, I returned to the Studioz and the date was set for the Grand Opening. The Grand Opening February 18-20 was greeted with acclaim for being an exceptional venue for quilting and fibre art. The Gallery is now permanantly open, with plans for shows for the entire year scheduled. The classes scheduled bring renowned long arm professionals to a western Canadian audience of longarmers eager to embrace their expertise. See the website at Sparrowstudioz. com for details on classes, consignment, rentals, sales, gallery shows and news about quilting and fibre arts.

Now you know why I have not been posting much for the past 2 months, I have lots to tell, and have some projects to share; and promise to post more pictures soon. A kaleidoscope, a reverse applique mola, beading projects, my perfectly fitting jacket are some of the projects I have managed to progress with; and some quilts for those in need.

Thank you for keeping in touch.

Something finished!

Night Falls, a Miniature Landscape 20” X 19¼”. Started June 2010 in a workshop with Shirley Paterson, the Painterlady, at Big Sky retreat in Olds. Thread painted and finished November 2010.